8 Tips to Keep You Warm This Winter

Winter can be a difficult season to get through. It’s cold, it’s dark, and winter chills can leave us feeling uncomfortable and in need to get warm. Winter temperatures in Canada can range drastically depending on the region. On average, winter temperatures drop below freezing across most of the country, lingering between -5 to -15 degrees Celsius.

Fortunately, there are plenty of clever ways to help keep yourself warm and cozy during this time of the year. From layering up to investing in a smart thermostat, these winter warming tricks are sure to make winter your favorite season! Read on for our top 8 winter warming tips.

1. Layer Up

When winter rolls around, the best defense against the cold is layering up! Start with a base layer of long underwear and then add on sweaters as needed. You’ll be surprised how much warmer you can feel just by adding an extra layer or two.

2. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

With winter comes high heating bills, but with a smart thermostat you can save money and still stay warm. Smart thermostats allow you to monitor and adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, so you can make sure it’s not too cold or too hot without breaking the bank.

3. Get Cozy Blankets

Nothing says winter like snuggling up in front of the TV with a cozy blanket. Investing in a few heavy-duty winter blankets will help keep you warm while also providing extra comfort.

4. Hot Drinks

Drinking something hot is an easy way to stay warm during winter! Make sure to have a few winter drinks on hand—such as hot chocolate, tea, or warm apple cider.

5. Get Winter Clothes

Invest in winter clothes that are both warm and stylish. Look for winter coats, hats, gloves, and scarves that not only keep you warm but also make you look good!

6. Hot Water Bottles

Nothing is better than curling up with a hot water bottle when winter hits! Fill up one of these before bed and it will help keep you toasty throughout the night.

7. Exercise

We know how easy it is to stay inside during winter, but exercising can actually help keep you warm! Not only will regular exercise help your body generate more heat, but it will also give you more energy and help winter pass by faster.

8. Eat Well

Eating healthy, wholesome winter foods can actually help keep you warm! Soups and stews with winter veggies like root vegetables or squash are great options for winter meals that will both nourish your body and keep you warm.

By following these winter warming tips, you’ll be sure to stay warm and cozy all winter long! So grab those layers, turn up the heat (or invest in a smart thermostat!), and enjoy winter while staying as snug as a bug in a rug.

Winter Survival: Our Work this Winter

Human Concern International’s winter appeal helps to provide winter relief to those in need – including refugees and the displaced. Your generous donations can help provide essentials like warm clothes, blankets and nutritious meals to those who are struggling this winter season. Every donation helps to make winter a little bit easier for those in need. Please donate today and help us keep winter warm.

Thank you for your support! Together, we can make winter a little brighter.

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