Five Pillars of Islam

In this blog we discuss the five pillars of Islam which together hold up the religion of a Muslim.

Orphan Sponsorship

Orphan Care & CSP Let children be children $100 $250 $400 $800 $100 There’s something beautiful in giving a child a chance to have a safe, secure and happy childhood. Your donation will provide these children with the essentials – food, shelter, and healthcare – as well as educational opportunities that can transform their lives […]

Ramadan Food Aid

Ramadan Food Aid Help us win the fight against hunger $100 $250 $400 $800 $100 $250 $400 $800 $100 Every day, millions of people worldwide live with the reality of hunger. But this growing problem need not persist. With your help, we can fight hunger and provide food security in underserved communities.   Help us […]

Water Appeal

Clean water changes everything $60 $600 $1500 $5000 $60 Clean water is essential to life. It is estimated that 663 million people are without access which has a direct impact on health, education, and economic opportunity.   Donating to the construction of water systems in afflicted communities keeps children in school, protects the young and […]


Religious Giving Fidya-Kaffarah In the event that you are unable to fast for any days during Ramadan, you will be obligated to offer a form of charitable compensation. Fidya must be paid for missed fasts that were necessary and cannot be made up later. $10/per missed fast. Donate Now Patch up Missed Obligations With Charity […]


Zakat Your obligation is our obligation At HCI, we take great care to ensure that zakat reaches those most in need, whether they are vulnerable individuals or entire communities affected by poverty or disaster. Our field teams work closely with local partners and community-based organizations to conduct needs assessments and identify recipients of the zakat […]