Building Solar-Based Desalination Units

Human Concern International (HCI) is building Solar-Based Desalination Units (SDUs) in communities suffering from water scarcity in a number of countries. These units use solar energy to convert seawater or brackish water into clean drinking water, making them an essential resource for areas where access to freshwater is limited. 

At the heart of these SDUs is a solar-powered desalination system that uses photovoltaic solar panels to heat and evaporate water, creating fresh water vapor which then condenses into freshwater. This technology has been used in coastal regions around the world, providing much needed clean drinking water for communities that would otherwise have no access to freshwater sources. 

HCI has built several SDUs in various parts of the world. In 2021, HCI in partnership with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) and UNRWA USA, completed the installation of six solar-based water desalination units in Gaza, Palestine. These units will provide clean water to more than 12,000 boys and girls studying in 6 different UNRWA schools in the Gaza Strip. Gaza Strip is home to over 1.9 million people; 42.6% of them are within the age of 0-14 years.

HCIs’ work has led to thousands of people in coastal areas having access to clean water for the first time. The organization is also focusing on building projects that will help sustain access to freshwater even during periods of drought. 

SDUs are an important tool in the fight against water scarcity, providing communities with reliable access to clean drinking water wherever it is needed. HCl’s commitment to building these units is helping to ensure that more and more people have access to the basic human right of clean drinking water. 

If you would like to help support Human Concern International’s work, please consider making a donation.  Together we can make sure more people have access to the clean water they need. 

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