MAC launches Charter Challenge Alleging CRA’s Systemic Islamophobia

On April 13, 2022 the Muslim Association of Canada (MAC) has announced it has launched a Charter challenge in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice alleging systemic Islamophobia in the Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) practices and the violation of the rights of Canadian Muslim charities. For more information read MAC’s press release.

Human Concern International (HCI) supports MAC’s decision to file this Charter challenge and we pray that this action will lead the path for the Government of Canada to take additional actions and reform in the CRA.

HCI was subjected to a 7 year audit that unfairly resulted in a one year suspension of receipting privileges. This suspension will end on July 14, 2022 Inshallah.

Last year two independent reports exposed prejudiced audits and targeting of Muslim charities by the CRA. In June 2021, 130 Muslim organizations signed a letter to the Prime Minister calling for Muslim charities to be subject to the same oversight and audits as other registered charities and to take immediate steps to stop “special” audits focused on Muslim organizations.

Canadian Muslim charities deserve equitable and fair treatment from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the application of the Income Tax Act.

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