Delivery of Water Tanks To Rural Communities

Human Concern International (HCI) is committed to helping those suffering from water shortages in rural communities worldwide. For many years, HCI has taken a proactive and innovative approach to provide clean drinking water to these communities. In some cases where adaptive technology is not an option, HCI delivers tankers of fresh water directly to their doorsteps.

The impact of this initiative has been felt immediately as it has provided relief to those in need and prevented water-borne illnesses from spreading in remote communities.

HCI’s work is especially critical during drought when access to water is limited or nonexistent. In these cases, the water tankers can provide a much-needed source of relief and ensure that people have access to clean drinking water. 

Beyond just providing essential water supplies, HCI is also working to educate rural communities about the importance of proper sanitation practices, such as handwashing and boiling water before it is consumed. This education is an important preventative measure for those at risk of water-borne illnesses. 

By delivering water tankers to rural communities and providing essential education about hygiene, HCI is helping to protect some of the most vulnerable people from the effects of drought and water scarcity. This work is critical today, as access to clean drinking water is unfortunately not a given for everyone. 

HCI’s dedication to providing life-saving water tankers and essential education is essential in helping vulnerable communities worldwide. With your help, those in need have access to clean drinking water and can stay healthy during times of hardship. 

Together, we can all make a difference.  Together, we can help those suffering from water shortages and provide them with the resources they need to stay healthy.  Together, we can make sure no one goes thirsty. 

Please consider donating if you want to help support Human Concern International’s work.  Together we can ensure more people have access to the clean water they need.  

In The Field

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In The Field

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