Human Concern Concluded its Water for Life National Tour in Support of the United Nations #JusticeBeginsHere Campaign

On Friday December 9 2022, Human Concern International (HCI) launched its Water for Life national tour in Ottawa, the GTA, and Edmonton to build awareness and raise funds for clean water projects around the world and in Canada to support Indigenous communities in their struggle for access to clean water. 

The tour is in support of the United Nations #JusticeBeginsHere global campaign to promote access to clean water for all and call on individuals and organizations from all walks of life to overcome structural disparities in water and sanitation. HCI is thrilled to be a part of this international initiative, which was first introduced in 2022 by the UN’s Sanitation and Water for All partnership (SWA).

#JusticeBeginsHere was inspired by the same strong belief that has driven HCI’s long history of water aid projects around the world: the human right to access clean water is the fundamental cornerstone right upon which all other human rights are built. Without it, life comes to a halt and becomes a never-ending cycle of poverty.

“HCI’s humanitarian work is rooted in our commitment to social justice, and I believe access to clean water is the most fundamental social justice issue, above and beyond challenges like extreme poverty, food scarcity, gender inequality, and many others,” said Mahmuda Khan, Executive Director of HCI. 

This is why HCI is on the ground in the most drought-stricken areas of the world to provide vulnerable communities with access to clean drinking water. This year alone, HCI is working on water projects in over 10 countries, including the construction of deep tube wells, the repair of broken and damaged water points, the construction of water wells, the installation of a solar-based desalination units, the drilling of boreholes, and the delivery of water tankers to rural communities.

To ensure that water, sanitation, and hygiene programs are tenable, we work with local partners who are more connected with the challenges of their communities to find and implement practical and effective solutions. We invest in members of the community to manage and reinforce these programs and their infrastructure for lasting and sustainable change, maximizing donor impact and elevating the community for generations to come.

“Most Canadians enjoy clean water every day, and are unaware that many Indigenous communities lack this most basic human right – access to safe drinking water. We are all responsible for ignoring this fundamental social disparity and failing to provide a basic human right,” said Mohamed Noorani, Deputy Executive Director and Director of Programs at HCI. 

HCI has always believed in sustainable development. This is why HCI has decided to partner with Water First and support its training and skill development as a key part of the solution to drinking water challenges in Canada. HCI will be funding the Drinking Water Internship Program that trains young Indigenous adults to become certified water treatment plant operators.




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