Multi-specialty Clinic, Mosali Village

Human Concern International is partnering with Jamia Islamia Ishaatul Uloom to build a multi-specialty clinic in Mosali village where there is a lack of quality healthcare facilities and services, and shortage of medication, and overcrowded facilities that require villagers to travel long distances to reach. 

This proposed project will make quality healthcare more accessible to poor and marginalized communities in rural Gujarat, serving over 10,000 beneficiaries in Mosali and the surrounding villages. 

To successfully complete the project and provide access to quality healthcare facilities and services, Human Concern International is counting on your support to raise $200,000.

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Gujarat is one of India’s fastest growing states, but poverty reduction is slower in comparison to states like neighboring Maharashtra. It is therefore vital that Gujarat’s healthcare system have the capacity to support and service the state’s rural and marginalized communities.

Rural communities face challenges with accessing quality healthcare due to dated, underfunded and unmaintained facilities and equipment. The centers are also operating at overcapacity with bed and medication shortages. This project requires $200,000 to successfully complete. 

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