Mosali Multi-Specialty Clinic


Gujarat is one of the fastest-growing states in India. However, it is also one of the slowest states to reduce poverty among its people. With over 60 million people in the area, more than 50% of residents are living in rural towns or villages. 

One of these struggling areas is Mosali. A village of 5,000 people and many minorities living in sub-par conditions, including low literacy rates and poor health status. These conditions make it more important than ever to have a fully functional healthcare facility. Good healthcare infrastructure is a crucial step to help build a community out of poverty.  


Currently, Mosali has a single, overcrowded dispensary that provides healthcare only until 4:00 pm. As a result, residents of Mosali need to travel to other towns or cities to medical care. The two closest healthcare facilities are 6 km away in Mangol and Surat, 50 km away. These places often are overcrowded, unmaintained and with long wait times. The expensive cost of travel also makes the trip to these clinics almost impossible. 


Human Concern International is partnering with the India Development and Relief Fund to build a healthcare facility in Mosali to help eliminate the barriers to adequate healthcare. The Hussain Bhayat Multi-Specialty Clinic will not only serve Mosali but many surrounding villages for a total of 10,000 people.

More people will get the help they need:

Placed strategically in an area near an important community centre, the Hussain Bhayat Multi-Specialty Clinic will allow patients to manage their health better. Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol, can be controlled more effectively. 

Vaccines and education on immunization schedules for children will be implemented. Currently, the Mosali area is very far behind with immunization standards compared to the rest of India.

Urgent Care and Ambulance services:

An Urgent Care room will be available for onsite service for 12-14 hours a day. Ambulance service will be organized to connect the clinic to local hospitals for patients who need more critical care. 

Health, sanitation and nutrition education to build thriving communities:

HCI and IDRF have collaborated with the local government to provide education programs for health, sanitation and nutrition. Educating residents on health habits can proactively produce positive health outcomes that can improve quality of life and overall health status.

Employment opportunities to build a better system:

Our new clinic will employ healthcare professionals in the area. Not only is this providing economic stability in Mosali, but also improving the overall healthcare infrastructure. 

The Hussain Bhayat Multi-Specialty Clinic aims to provide a sustainable solution to avoid overcapacity, undeserving clinics for struggling communities. We hope to grow the environmentally-sustainable facility and create more clinics in the area in the long-term.


Our goal is to raise $200,000 to build and sustain this new clinic. 

Your generosity as a donor can remove the stress of getting basic healthcare for thousands of rural families.

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HCI has been proudly serving the Muslim community for 40 years, and through your generosity and support, our programs are continuously improving the lives of many vulnerable people. Each donation made enables us to further the mission of taking impoverished people from crisis to sustainability.

September 08, 2020

Human Concern International

Mosali, India

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