How We Plan To Fight Poverty Globally

We are on a mission to empower individuals and communities worldwide by providing opportunities for lasting change.

Through our extensive partner network, we strive to improve healthcare, education programs, economic opportunity and water access. We work closely with community leaders to better assess the impact of these initiatives so that meaningful improvements can be consistently made, ultimately allowing people everywhere the chance at prosperity. 


Your donations will fuel this effort – enabling us all to move towards a global future free from poverty.

100 0 K Kg
of food delivered to orphans and families.
Water wells have been built annually.
0 K
were treated for injuries and disease.
0 million
families were taught how to earn a living.


Effective solutions create lasting change when we address the root cause of impoverished communities. From research papers, field studies, and conversations with the locals we come to understand what programs will have the greatest impact. 

By investing in education, healthcare, clean water access, skills training centres, and agriculture, HCI enables communities to break the vicious cycle of poverty. 

Your support today brings lasting impact for years to come.

Six months ago, my father died of a heart attack. No one helped us until we found HCI.

In The Villages of Afghanistan

By enabling parents to upskill and earn a living, children return to school or enlist as apprentices to further their education.