How we combat poverty

In our fight against poverty, we leverage our partner network and community knowledge to find lasting and effective solutions in health care, education, economic opportunity, and water accessibility.

To ensure that the programs sponsored by your donations are successful, we work diligently with our partners on the ground to evaluate and report on outcomes. Improvements are then made to help build sustainable and lasting impact in the communities we serve.

Delivering programs in these key areas enables communities and their members to stand on their feet. contribute to the local, national, and global economy raising themselves out of poverty.


To find the right solution, we engage as many stakeholders as we can to better understand the context, the problem, and the potential solution. Our commitment to the SDGs helps us decide what projects have the greatest impact and how they should get funded.

Some of the various solutions include skills training centres for women, bakeries to address food insecurity, solar desalination units, microfinancing options to assist widows in gaining livelihood through entrepreneurship, and more.

The work doesn’t stop with selecting a solution. We often retain and train local resources to take ownership of the project to ensure that its cultural and social implementation is successful.



Committed to delivering meaningful return per donation made, and reporting the results back to our constituents. To do so, we implement processes in the field to monitor, evaluate, and improve performance of projects. All learning is carried forward to optimize our impact and operations to be better allies to the communities we serve.



We carry out our work with the help of our local partner network, institutions, and the nation’s leadership.

Local Partner Network
Our partners demonstrate excellent financial reporting, deep knowledge of programming, and sound governance and oversight. While maintaining complete participation, oversight, and control of our projects through M & E, we work with partners who possess local expertise and know-how.
Conducting Needs Assessments
We participate with our partners to conduct needs assessments and ensure community participation. Building strong communities requires buy-in and willingness from the people we serve. The most effective solution requires the input and direction of local communities to ensure successful design and implementation of programs.
Finding The Right Solutions
Based on the needs assessment and input from the community and stakeholders, we begin providing resources for the solutions that best help solve the issue at hand and align with the United Nation’s SDG goals. Our objective is always to empower individuals and communities to stand on their feet.
Implementation And Oversight
We travel to the field, communicate regularly and monitor activities of the projects to ensure all objectives of the project are being met. We ensure our partners provide detailed financial reporting on an interim basis and when the project is complete. That way, we can answer your questions and confidently report on the impact of your donation.

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