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From the Ground

Palestinians living in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah have faced the threat of expulsion from their homes. The occupation of Palestinians has escalated to violent attacks on civilians in Jerusalem (Al Quds) and the Gaza strip daily, including bombings happening since the last nights of Ramadan. 

At least 213 people, including 61 children and 36 women, have been killed in Gaza since last week

These violent attacks have caused an incredible amount of hardship on the Palestinians and displaced thousands of families. Other than the loss of homes, the Palestinians have restricted access to basic necessities such as food, water, and medical supplies.

We don’t reference these numbers lightly; grievously, these numbers are only expected to rise.

Witnessing and standing idly by these heinous acts of violence on innocent civilians is not an option.

The world has its eyes open, and our hearts remain one. We stand with humanity, and we will continue to act immediately to the crisis that is once again before us. We need to deliver lifesaving supplies, emergency aid, food, water, and shelter.

Relief efforts are already in progress

HCI has already started Phase One of its Emergency Response in Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. We are supporting the immediate relief of affected families with food and medical supplies. 

Feed stomachs and souls

During the last days of Ramadan, iftar meals were distributed to families who lost their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. As the occupation continues, these families still need support to survive the crisis.

Here’s how you can help feed families in Palestine right now:

  1. Give a one-month food basket

HCI is supporting families who lost their homes in Gaza with food baskets that will last them one month. These food baskets cost around $90 and contain staple foods such as rice, sugar, cooking oil, beans, tomato sauce, Halawa, tahini, lentil, freekeh, hummus cans, canned meat, powdered milk, dates, flour, tuna cans, pasta, salt, tea, bouillon cubes, and frozen vegetables

2. Provide a week’s worth of “ready-to-eat” food to families without a place to cook

With the rapid changes in circumstances and the destruction of hundreds of residential apartments in Gaza, many Gazan families seek shelter at the UNRWA schools and local hospitals. HCI is scaling up efforts to support these displaced families with a week’s worth of “ready-to-eat packages.” Each package costs $30 and contains yellow cheese, feta cheese, dates, dates, hummus cans, tuna, Halawa, zaatar, duqah, canned meat, jam, chocolate, bread, and one can opener.  

3. Contribute to serving a daily warm-cooked meal and clean water

For $15, you can help HCI cook hot meals for families daily and provide clean drinking water. Each meal contains rice, chicken, vegetables and yogurt.

4. Supplying hospitals and clinics with supplies and equipment

Medical centres in Gaza struggle to run amidst bombings and run out of medical supplies and staff to administer them.

We are supporting Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza city through the procurement of the most needed medical supplies. HCI is collaborating with the Palestinian Ministry of Health and the hospital to avoid any duplications in the efforts and secure the items from the local market. 

HCI is also working with Al Aqsa Emergency Clinic in Jerusalem (Al Quds). This is the only medical institute with the Masjid Al Aqsa campus that provides first aid and medical intervention for emergencies to the visitors of Masjid Al Aqsa. 

We are supporting the clinic by providing the lifesaving medical equipment needed to keep it running and help the paramedics do their job. With $300, you can donate a medical pack to provide critical and necessary medical aid.

Check out our Palestine appeal to see how your generous contribution can impact the lives of many Palestinians during a critical time. 

HCI has been proudly serving the Muslim community for 40 years, and through your generosity and support, our programs are continuously improving the lives of many vulnerable people. Each donation made enables us to further the mission of taking impoverished people from crisis to sustainability.

June 07, 2021

Human Concern International

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