Sania Saleem in Kashmir

The Success Story of an HCI Sponsored Orphan in Kashmir

My name is Sania Saleem and I am 8 years old. My village name is Bandi Kokyal, a backward hilly area in the suburb of Ghari Dupata. My father was a taxi driver and my grandfather was running a small shop in my village. My father was driving a taxi car in Rawalpindi and was helping my grandfather for our family expanses, and we were 13 members in family.

On June 10th when I was three and half years old my father was assassinated by some cruel people and I became orphan. Since we were living with my grandfather and uncle and my grandfather was supporting our family. After my father’s death, the burden of expanses of the family increased on my grandfather but unfortunately on 15th December 2004 my grandfather also died in a car accident on the road leading to our village and we lost our last hope also. My uncle was school student at that time and was jobless, those days were very difficult for my family we were   hardly spending our life.

On 8th October 2005 when the earthquake hit Kashmir my small home was completely collapsed and we became homeless and all of us were under the open sky for few days. On October 17, 2005 an NGO Human Concern International (HCI) team reached our village and provided medical aid to injured people and they established a tented village for affected peoples of our villages and provided rations, tent, plastic sheets, quilts, lantern, gas cylinders with gas to us.

HCI people also started registering orphan children and took our pictures and other information.

HCI people admitted me and other orphan children to their schools. They are helping me and my family, I am getting school books, uniform, food ration and money time to time, I am learning in HCI school and am very happy with other children in this schools and getting A grade. My uncle who was jobless, he was given job in HCI School in Bandi Kokyal and now he is supporting my family. Since our home was collapsed and we were living in tent,  my uncle requested HCI for a shelter and HCI people also given a shelter to us, now our house is also completed and we are living in the same house and all of my family members are happy. It is all due to HCI and its staff they have encouraged and supported us. We are living a peaceful life and thankful to HCI, the people working in HCI and the donor for helping poor people like us. I and all my family people always pray for them.  

HCI has been proudly serving the Muslim community for 40 years, and through your generosity and support, our programs are continuously improving the lives of many vulnerable people. Each donation made enables us to further the mission of taking impoverished people from crisis to sustainability.

November 21, 2020

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