Stories from the field: Beirut, Lebanon


Our people are traumatized and trying to overcome this tragedy.

– HCI Staff

“As we were entering the destroyed city today, images of death were slowly coming to life. We finally reached our destination through debris. Once, inside the building, we quickly distributed tasks and found it best to create a human chain to carry pieces of broken glass, fragments of walls, and furniture down through the seven floors. It’s no secret that works at the disaster site are so overwhelming, but in the midst of the chaos, you can still find this spark of hope that pushes you to keep going.

Today was especially hard because we met with the residents of the building who have been discharged from the hospitals and have lost not only their homes but also their loved ones. The resident of the seventh floor can’t even begin to think of the future while his wife is still in a coma since the day of the blast. As our energy was getting lower throughout the day, something gave us an incredible boost; after a week of hard work and for the first time, we could see the floor on the seventh floor, no more bags, no more buckets or ladders. This moment made us all realize that despite the indescribable destruction, we can rebuild our city one day at a time. The look of gratitude on the faces of residents says it all.

In the afternoon a group of us headed to the Quarantina area to distribute food parcels. The horrifying conditions, in which people are forced to “survive” there, are unacceptable. Some have no place to sit, not to mention the place to sleep. One particular woman caught my attention, she was standing outside her house holding her 2-month-old baby mortified to even talk about what happened, she hasn’t been able to enter the house ever since the explosion. We offered to get inside and look around and see how we could help. Unfortunately, the situation was beyond our ability to help; the very floor of the house was destroyed. Her whole life was thrown into one big pile of debris in a large hole.

This pretty much sums up our day there, we ask everybody to please pray for our country, our people are traumatized and trying to overcome this

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August 15, 2020

Human Concern International


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