Sudan Flooded: State of Emergency

In Sudan, nearly 560,000 people have been impacted by heavy rainfall causing severe flooding. Over 56,000 homes have been damaged with an additional 55,000 completely destroyed. 

Heavy rainfall across Sudan has triggered a nation-wide, three-month state of emergency. The most heavily impacted region affected by the flooding in Sudan is the Kartoum region where 102,000 people have been severely impacted. 

Flooding in Sudan has caused widespread population displacements with urgent humanitarian aid required in the areas of food, water, sanitation and hygiene services and temporary shelter support. 


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Emergency shelter kits for displaced families: tent, carpets, mosquito nets, and blankets.


Food parcels containing  staple items to meet the nutritional needs of a family for one more


Hygiene kit containing gloves, face masks, hand sanitizer, and dietary supplements for a household for an entire month.

In response, Human Concern International is providing lifesaving emergency assistance to families in need across Sudan. Our intervention includes the following support services: emergency shelters, food parcels, and hygiene kits. 

Devastation In Sudan


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