Tube Wells and Boreholes to Support Irrigation

Human Concern International (HCI) is dedicated to helping those in need, and one of their most important projects is the provision of clean water access through technologies such as tube wells and boreholes to communities suffering from water shortages or drought. These two distinct methods are critical to providing access to clean water when other sources have run dry.

Tube wells are created by drilling a hole deep into the ground and fitting a pipe into it. This pipe is then filled with stones and gravel to let water pass through, allowing water from deep underground aquifers to be accessed for drinking or for irrigating crops.

Boreholes are similar to tube wells but require more specialized drilling equipment. Instead of relying on an open-air pipe, a borehole requires the drilling of an enclosed vertical shaft into the ground which is then surrounded by a casing. This is filled with stones and gravel and sealed in order to prevent any sediment or contaminants from entering the water supply.

Both boreholes and tube wells provide clean, safe drinking water to communities impacted by drought or other water-related shortages. HCI works with local communities to identify the most efficient and effective solutions for their specific needs, making sure that they have access to clean water no matter what. For instance, in the case of the borehole construction project in Ksad Dalwo, Eritrea, particular attention was given to the perspectives of those primarily responsible for water collection and water use in the household.

The provision of tube wells and boreholes is just one of the many important projects that HCI undertakes in order to help those in need. By creating these sustainable water sources, HCI is providing access to clean water and helping to create healthier communities. With the help of donors like you, they are able to continue their work and make a positive difference in people’s lives. 

If you would like to help Human Concern International improve access to clean water for those in need, please consider making a donation today. Every penny helps and goes directly towards providing safe, reliable water sources in communities around the world. Thank you for your support!

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