Winter Relief: Keep Children Warm

Winter Relief: Keep Children Warm 


With temperatures starting to decrease, winter is undoubtedly at our doorstep. And with a global rise in inflation and the cost of living, many will have to think twice before spending on luxuries. When we say luxury, many will think of the latest cars and gadgets, gourmet meals or fancy trips abroad.

Nobody thinks about heated homes, warm beds or extra layers of clothing. This is something we naturally take for granted here in Canada, however, in other parts of the world, millions lack these very basic life necessities.

Thus, Muslims must show compassion to and help those less fortunate in what is ultimately a situation of life and death. The Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu ‘alyhi wasalam) said: “Those who are merciful will be shown mercy by the Most Merciful. Be merciful to those on the earth, and the One in the heaven will be merciful to you.” (Tirmidhi)

Millions of refugees around the world have become displaced and live in camps where facilities are poor. Diseases are widespread, and they have nothing but make-shift tents to call home. These tents aren’t insulated enough to keep out the cold, and without fuel sources or heaters, families huddle together to keep warm. Food supplies are low, and they don’t have extra layers of clothing to protect themselves from the harsh elements.

Each day is a struggle to survive; however, many don’t (survive). Especially children, who consider themselves lucky to make it to the Spring in the face of rising death counts for refugees and displaced peoples living in camps. 

Human Care International on the Ground this Winter


Alhamdulilah, Human Concern International is delivering immediate aid to these vulnerable families. Our teams have distributed warm clothes, blankets, heating fuel, hot meals and medical kits.

In this last year alone, we provided 6600 beneficiaries with winter relief packages, helping them battle the harsh winter climate.

4250 were provided with winter food baskets. This helped prevent them from hunger during the cold months and ensured they received proper nutrition.

We also delivered 50 wood stoves to camps, providing families with heat and warmth in their poorly insulated tents.

Save Lives this Winter

This is a crisis of life and death, and your donations will unquestionably save lives.

Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala) Says in the Quran, “Whomsoever saves a life, it is as though he has saved the lives of all mankind.”

How Can You Help?

Warm Meals

The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alyhi wasalam) said: The best of you are those who feed others.” (Ahmad)

Just $60 provides a needy family with necessary food supplies for an entire month. Or triple that and help feed 3 families for $180.

Winter Relief Kit

$200 will provide a family with one of our winter relief kits. This life-saving donation includes warm clothes, blankets, and heating fuel and will protect their bodies from harsh elements.

Our beloved Messenger (sallallahu ‘alyhi wasalam) reminded us of the merit of clothing our fellow brothers and sisters after he said; “No Muslim clothes another Muslim with a garment except that he is under the protection of Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala).” (Tirmidhi and Tabarani)

Winter Medical Aid

Those living in refugee camps are not only exposed to extreme weather climates and lack of food, but they also have poor medical facilities. And with the nature of such camps, diseases are quick to spread.

A generous donation of $500 will provide a family with a Winter Medical Aid Kit. The kit covers medical aid as well as any necessary procedures.

This ensures that as well as being warm and fed, families are also kept free from illnesses and diseases which may risk the loss of life!

Be a means of Benefit

The Messenger (sallallahu ‘alyhi wasalam) said: “The most beloved to Allah are those who are the most beneficial to people.” (Tabarani)

How can we benefit these vulnerable families during the upcoming harsh weather and bitter cold months?

Food and shelter, warmth and medical assistance provide families and their children with the necessities to make it to the Spring. 

Our teams are on the ground and ready to serve.

Help us save lives and make a difference by responding to their call

In The Field

Human Concern International’s staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In The Field

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