Young Girls Deserve an Education

What It Means for Them

The UN sustainable development goal #4 calls for Quality Education – to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” Realizing this goal will require paying particular attention to the opportunities, or lack thereof presented to girls who live in poverty and amidst cultural norms that prevent their educational enhancement. UNICEF reports that worldwide 129 million girls are out of school. Yet, the prevailing sentiment is that girls can change our world for the better if provided with quality education. 

We contend that primary education is a right for everyone. With quality education, boys and girls have a better understanding of leading healthy, safe, and prosperous lives. They feel empowered to make informed decisions that will lead to a brighter future for themselves, their family, and their community. 

We don’t know what the future holds for these young women. What we do know is that we have opened up a world of possibilities for her through our Child Sponsorship Program (CSP). HCI designed the Child Sponsorship Program (CSP) to meet the necessities of vulnerable children worldwide and allow them the opportunity to attend school. Through this program, HCI will reduce the number of children who resort to child labor and the number of girls forced into child marriages. We don’t just take care of the child; we ensure the entire family has food to eat and enough disposable income to get through the day. 

Whether the child lives in the Rohingya camp, a mud house in a village of Pakistan, or an IDP camp in Somalia, we believe they have a right to dream big. Through our CSP, we will allow them to turn their dreams into reality. Please visit our CSP program page to sponsor a child today.

More than half of the children who are a part of our CSP are girls. Below is a snapshot of how the CSP has opened the doors of education for some of them.

Sana Safi can now attend school

Sana Safi is a 10-year-old girl in Afghanistan with lots of wishes and hopes for a bright future. She wants to go to school and learn. Sana wants to be able to play with other children and create friendships that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, she lives in a conflict country, where families prefer not to send their children to school due to safety and security reasons. What’s more, the country’s cultural norms serve as a barrier for girls who want to go to school. Through our Child Sponsorship Program, we decided to engage in a dialogue with Sana’s family. We guaranteed the safety and security of Sana and also explained to her parents the importance of education for girls. We told them that there is a family in Canada who wants to sponsor Sana’s education. They want to see Sana grow and lead a healthy and prosperous life. Sana’s family hesitated. They were scared of letting their little girl go to school. For them, the norm is that Sana will learn how to take care of household duties, then eventually get married. After a few conversations with Sana’s family, HCI successfully convinced the family to send Sana to school. The family imposed one condition that HCI will ensure her safety and provide the best education possible to her. Sana is now officially part of our Child Sponsorship Program. She will be embarking on a journey that will allow her to fulfill her dreams and make her family proud.

We want to thank her donor Mohamed El Shanawany for saving her from child marriage and paving the way for her bright future!

Bibi Jan at the Learning Centre

She is a 10-year-old Rohingya girl that lives in a refugee camp in Bangladesh. She never thought she’d be able to attend school again after becoming a refugee. Now she is attending a learning center inside the camp and has expressed her desire to be a teacher.

Misha Al Dinah with Dreams of Being a Doctor

She is an orphan girl in Yemen whose studies were interrupted due to the conflict. Her family fell into poverty and was struggling to meet their basic needs. Thanks to a generous donor who sponsored her, HCI can cover her basic needs and allow her to fulfill her dream to become a doctor.

Sumiyaa Alli

She and her brother are living in Guyana with their grandmother. Life is tough for them, as the household income is meager. Due to poverty, Sumiyaa’s education almost came to a premature end. Through our CSP, we are now assisting her family monthly, which has allowed her to continue her studies. Sumiyaa is in Grade 8.

Akhi Akter

She lives in Bangladesh with her family. Her father is a rickshaw driver, and her mother works as a maid. Her parents cannot afford to send her to school, as they struggle even to put food on the table for their family. Our CSP has removed the financial burden of school fees, school supplies, and daily meals from her parents’ minds. She can now attend school and fulfill her dreams.

Basma Al Haj

She lives in Lebanon as a Palestinian Refugee with her mother and a sister. Due to their refugee status and lack of financial assistance, she had to quit school. Now, she has started receiving support from HCI and would like to continue her education and accomplish her dreams.

Our Donors Make the World a Better Place

These girls, and the thousand others that benefit from our CSP, are incredibly grateful to the donors who decided to sponsor them. Their families consider the donors a blessing and will forever pray for them. Thank you for helping to move these children and their families from crisis to sustainability.

HCI has been proudly serving the Muslim community for 40 years, and through your generosity and support, our programs are continuously improving the lives of many vulnerable people. Each donation made enables us to further the mission of taking impoverished people from crisis to sustainability.

September 28, 2021

Human Concern International

Ottawa, Canada

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