A Storied Past, A Promising Future

A long history of fighting poverty & delivering aid.

In 1983, a group of well intentioned citizens came together to found Canada’s first Muslim relief organization. The rest, as they say, is history.

With hundreds of millions delivered in aid, thousands of orphans sponsored and millions of lives saved during disasters, we are proud of our past.

But we understand, our work is not done yet. This is why we continue to be driven by our vision, mission and values to make our world a more just and equitable place

Share Our Vision, Join The Mission

For over 40 years, our leadership, staff, volunteers, and supporters shared a vision for a world without poverty and injustice. It’s a lofty ideal, but we should never aim for anything less. Afterall, we are God’s vicegerents on earth.

When we mobilize for emergency responses or survey an area of the world that needs our help, we embark on a mission to move families from crisis to sustainability.

The goal is not to make them dependant on aid, but rather free of any need.

Our Core Values

Inclusive and Empowering: We respect and include all people in our work, both internally and externally, and create an empowering culture for people to thrive. 

Dignity and Love: We believe every human being is of equal value and deserves to be loved in order to reach their potential.

Justice and Equality: We are determined to empower communities to challenge structures of injustice and inequality, both locally and internationally.

Accountable and Transparent: We strive to create an accountable organization that values openness and honesty both inside and outside.

Healthy food

Families need staple foods delivered monthly to sustain their dependents.


Education is the key to driving change across vulnerable communities.

Pure Water

Access to clean drinking water improves the standard and quality of life for all.

Medical Care

Healthcare programs save the lives of seniors, children, and pregnant women.

"Change For Generations"

Over 40 years, In Over 40 Countries

Dollars in aid distributed
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Over the years, HCI has carried out various relief efforts in response to natural disasters, conflicts, and other emergencies. Our relief work includes the provision of essential items such as food, shelter, and medical supplies, as well as the implementation of long-term development projects to help communities build resilience and self-sufficiency.
HCI also prioritizes working with local partners to ensure that aid is delivered effectively and efficiently. Through their relief work, HCI has made a significant impact on the lives of countless individuals and communities facing hardship and adversity.