Nations have left, but our staff remain

The Situation and Our Response

The ground trembled in Afghanistan on 7 October 2023, as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake followed by aftershocks wreaked havoc, claiming over 2,500 lives and leaving more than 9,000 injured. Amidst the remnants of what once were homes, the struggle for survival intensifies.


The catastrophe has augmented the dire need for basic necessities. With villages in ruins, the demand for food, clean water, medical aid, and shelter skyrockets. Among the rubble lie the hopes and dreams of thousands who now look towards the skies for help.


The calamity adds another layer of hardship in Afghanistan’s challenging terrain, already battling with past adversities. Now, the tremors have not only shaken the land but the spirits of its people. The need for immediate aid is screaming through the silence of despair.

Your contribution today could echo hope across the devastated landscapes. Help us provide the essentials to the affected families, aiding them to rise from the ashes of despair, and rebuild their lives one brick at a time. With your support, the path to recovery for many is within reach. Donate now, and stand with Afghanistan in these trying times.

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