Bangladesh Cyclone

Time is of the Essence

Join us in our urgent appeal to provide immediate assistance to those affected by the cyclone. Together, we can bring hope and relief to the most vulnerable refugees.


  • 2,548 shelter centers have been damaged across 33 Rohingya refugee camps, 278 of which have been completely destroyed.
  • 1,611 Rohingya refugees are directly affected, with seven reported injuries.
  • 2,022 shanties in Cox’s Bazaar coastal areas have been damaged, along with 10,469 houses receiving partial damage.
  • Over 237,000 people and 5,000 cattle have been displaced, seeking refuge across 700 shelters.

Your donation will enable us to deliver essential aid, such as food aid, medical supplies, and help repair damaged homes. By supporting this emergency appeal, you can help rebuild lives and restore dignity to those facing unimaginable hardship.

Stand with us as we bring hope, resilience, and a path to recovery for the Rohingya refugees impacted by this devastating cyclone.

Let’s make a difference together in the lives of those who need it the most.

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