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Bibi Mariam is the second child born in a family with limited income in Afghanistan. After her father passed away, they moved from Kabul to Parwan province to live with her maternal grandparents. Bibi Mariam, 11- an orphan in grade 5 in Afghanistan, dreams of continuing her education. She has a passion for education and getting sponsorship for 3 years, which helped her focus on study. She wanted to escape a situation where girls were prohibited from attending school after grade 6. Bibi Marium wished her country and the world would allow continued girls’ education.

Mohamad Moutawee, a 12-year-old orphan from North Lebanon Tripoli, relied on his grandfather’s poor income. The multiple challenges, particularly health issues (kidney failure), bullying, financial constraints and treatment cost burden, shuttered his hope.

The sponsorship has created opportunities for Mohamad to achieve significant milestones in addressing his challenges. Firstly, the project has ensured that Mohamad can afford his school fees, allowing him to continue his education without financial hindrances. Additionally, the support has been extended to cover some of his medical expenses, addressing the critical aspect of his health challenges. The CSP has played a crucial role in this positive change in his life.

Billal, an orphan, has successfully completed his graduation and is pursuing his dream of becoming a government employee. The CSP Program, which he has been in for over ten years, has helped him excel academically. 

Bilal’s father’s sudden passing left the family broken economically and mentally. His mother started doing daily wage jobs to feed her children. They were struggling to meet their basic needs.  Covering education costs and tuition fees was a constant struggle. The sponsorship was a crucial part of his education and living.

Akhi Akter is in Bangladesh. Her father is a rickshaw driver, and her mother is a domestic helper. Her parents cannot afford to send her to school as they struggle to put food on the table for their family. CSP removed the financial burden of school fees, school supplies, and daily meals from her parents. She can now attend school and fulfill her dreams.

The UN Declaration of Child Rights defines children’s rights to protection, education, health care, shelter, and good nutrition.

An estimated 153 million children worldwide are orphans.  

250 million children are out of school:

The effects of poverty, conflicts and crises on children have profound and long-lasting impacts on the availability of education. Orphans and vulnerable children are least likely to have access to quality education. Due to civil wars and conflict for nearly three decades, orphans in Somalia raised in extended families are often forced into child marriages. Children in Syria suffering the most from the challenges caused by the decade-long crisis face immense hardship. The poor economic conditions forced Afghan children to leave school and start working to support their families as street vendors, water carriers, and transport worker. Highest number of children in Bangladesh remain out of school among the poorest families. Poverty pushes them to engage in hazardous child labour, domestic work and child marriage.

Bibi Mariam, Mohamad Moutawee , Bilal, Aisha  and Akhi are among the millions of children who have changed their lives with the support of CSP programs. 

Supporting education and to the orphans and marginalized communities is the heart of sponsorship program. CSP, achieve a situation where vulnerable children and orphans access to durable solutions and their rights and physical and emotional well-being promoted through access to quality education in a protective environment. CSP enables children grow active, engaged and resilient to break the cycle of adversity. They can pay school fees, transportation and education costs.

17 CSP Projects in 12 Countries

Annual health checks, often supporting treatment costs, ensure children are healthy. During the winter, distributing essential items such as blankets and winter clothes helps children stay warm and protect themselves while continuing school.

Sponsorship allows orphans across conflict zones and poor economic conditions access joyful, inclusive, quality learning.  

To protect learners in crisis areas, providing psychosocial and cognitive support through trained volunteers and facilitators. CSP aims to develop and implement projects aligning with evolving needs in the country’s context.