CSP Success Story

Overcoming Adversity: Ibrahim's Inspiring Journey with Human Concern International

Ibrahim’s 11-year journey with his sponsor has been truly remarkable. His dedication and hard work led to his achievement of a diploma in mobile technology. Following this, he secured an internship at a mobile tech support firm in Dubai, a success he attributes to the generous support of his sponsor.

Reflecting on his experience, Ibrahim shares, “I’ve been part of this project for the last 11 years. Losing my father during my early childhood was devastating for my brother and me. We were very young and struggled to cope with the sudden loss, living in challenging conditions. Human Concern International stepped in at this critical time, offering the support we desperately needed to navigate our grief and improve our lives. I learned about their involvement from my mother as I got older. Realizing the extent of their support made me feel incredibly blessed. The assistance from Human Concern International has been crucial in helping my family and me heal from our father’s passing.”

HCI aid workers

A Mother's Resilience

Ibrahim’s father, a mason, tragically passed away in 2007 due to an accident. This left his mother as the family’s sole provider. Life became challenging, with his mother taking on various roles, including domestic work, to support Ibrahim and his brother. During times when work was scarce, they relied on relatives for basic necessities. These were incredibly difficult times for the family.

HCI's Support: A Lifeline in Tough Times

“During a challenging period in our lives, HCI’s CSP project was a pivotal support system. It not only provided financial assistance and basic needs, but also played a critical role in my educational journey, from lower education to earning a Diploma. HCI’s support extended beyond academics; they were a pillar in managing our mental health and daily financial stress. This invaluable assistance wasn’t limited to me; my brother also benefited greatly in completing his studies. We are deeply grateful for the comprehensive support HCI has extended to both me and my family, aiding us in navigating through tough times.”

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Ibrahim's Journey: Self-Sufficiency and Giving Back

Ibrahim has always aspired to be self-sufficient, capable of caring for his mother and providing for their needs comfortably. Taking the first step towards this goal, he completed his education and secured an internship at a Mobile Tech support firm in Dubai. His next aim is to join a reputable company in Dubai with better pay. Moreover, inspired by the help he received, Ibrahim wishes to support others facing hard times. He intends to aid those struggling with medical expenses or unable to afford medicines. By helping others, he believes he can positively impact individual lives and society at large.

Guided By Gratitude

Ibrahim recently started an internship at a Mobile Tech support firm in Dubai, where he’s focusing on his future goals and aspirations. Passionate about technology, he is determined to succeed in this field. Ibrahim is confident that his education and experience have equipped him with the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career.

“Looking back on my journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the steadfast support and guidance from policymakers. Their invaluable assistance has significantly shaped my education and everyday life. I am deeply appreciative of their efforts and hope they can offer the same support and guidance to others in desperate need, just as they did for me.”

HCI aid worker with refugee children

Final Words of Thanks

“I deeply appreciate the donor and their family. I pray for their health and success in helping others. They’ve helped so many people, and I’m thankful for their kindness and generosity in my life.”

*Note: Ibrahim is not his real name. We have changed the name to protect his identity.

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