Empowering Women in Civic Engagement

Empowering Women in Civic Engagement: One Year of Transformative Impact

Today marks a significant milestone in empowerment and transformation – the first anniversary of the Women in Civic Engagement Program, a collaborative effort between Human Concern International (HCI) and the Syrian Canadian Foundation (SCF). Over the past year, 35 exceptional women embarked on a journey transcending boundaries, breaking barriers, and building bridges in politics and civic engagement.

A Curriculum Beyond Boundaries

From the program’s inception, the focus of the Women in Civic Engagement program has been more than just imparting knowledge. It aims to empower women through a carefully crafted curriculum beyond traditional educational paradigms. Rather than passively transferring information, the program prioritized equipping participants with the skills necessary to navigate the complex dynamics of civic engagement and political landscapes.

The Power of Partnerships

The strategic partnerships forged with organizations that are leaders in the civic engagement sector are integral to the program’s success. This collaborative approach has enriched the initiative with diverse perspectives and provided invaluable resources to the program participants. What emerged was not merely a program but a community-driven effort that reflected the collective strength of partnerships.

Building a Strong Foundation through Educational Sessions

Nine sessions covering pivotal topics for women in civic engagement laid the groundwork for informed and empowered civic leaders. Each session represented a step forward, not just accumulating information but constructing a robust foundation for active participation in shaping the political landscape. At the heart of the educational journey was a skilled facilitator ensuring a seamless delivery of content aligned with the program’s objectives. Subject matter experts further enriched the educational experience, transforming lectures into dynamic conversations and providing the program participants with key insights into different topics around civic engagement.

Continuous Learning

The program has taken a proactive approach to ensure continuous learning among participants by developing a comprehensive resource repository. With this tool, participants can explore the topics covered in each session and gain a solid understanding of the subject matter.

Expanding Horizons: Conferences and Events

Collaborative ventures with organizations in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) expanded horizons for participants. Opportunities to attend conferences and events, including the Fora conference and the premiere of Citizen Minutes at Hot Docs, provided real-world exposure and networking opportunities.

Culmination in Ottawa: A Firsthand Political Experience

The pinnacle of the year’s achievements was the execution of an educational trip to Ottawa. This experience gave participants firsthand insights into the Canadian political system, further enriching their perspectives and understanding. The Ottawa trip marked a pivotal moment, providing access to a robust and supportive community—a first for many in Canada. This network, vital for sharing knowledge, resources, and opportunities, is particularly crucial for those lacking familial or support networks.

As we celebrate a year of milestones, breaking barriers, and building bridges, the Women in Civic Engagement Program transcends its designation as an initiative or program; it symbolizes a journey of empowerment. Here’s to the women who courageously ventured into politics and civic engagement. May the years ahead bring continued growth, learning, and impactful contributions, solidifying the program’s legacy as a catalyst for positive change.

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