IDF Destruction of HCI Aid Resources and Impact on Humanitarian Operations

Recent Incidents Impacting Humanitarian Operations

In a distressing series of events, the humanitarian community has suffered significant setbacks. Last week, an Israeli airstrike targeted a water truck operated by the Canadian charity IDRF, severely disrupting vital water supply services to the area. Prior to this incident, the World Central Kitchen suffered a devastating attack that resulted in the tragic loss of a Canadian aid worker among other casualties.

This week, a project operated by Human Concern International (HCI) in southern Gaza experienced collateral damage. Shrapnel from a nearby bombing impacted our premises. Thankfully, our staff and the beneficiaries remained unharmed; however, two civilians in the vicinity sustained injuries.

Moreover, in November 2023, HCI’s storage facility, which housed vital aid supplies, was destroyed in a bombing. IDF indiscriminate attacks also resulted in the death and injury of several humanitarian workers, many of whom suffered personal losses within their.

In light of these recent events, it is imperative that the Government of Canada take a decisive stand against the violations of international humanitarian laws. We urge the Canadian government to publicly condemn these actions and to hold Israel accountable.
We strongly advocate for Canada to call for an independent international investigation into these incidents to ensure transparency, justice, and accountability. Furthermore, we call for the imposition of sanctions on Israeli leaders.

It is crucial that these measures are implemented to prevent further unlawful targeting of humanitarian assets and personnel.

These incidents highlight the increasing risks faced by humanitarian operations in conflict zones and underscore the urgent need for enhanced protective measures for aid workers and their facilities. As the situation develops, our commitment to the well-being of Palestinians in Gaza remains steadfast. We are continuously evaluating our operational strategies to ensure the safety of humanitarian workers and the effectiveness of our aid delivery.