Catch Laylatul Qadr

Every Ramadan, we strive to catch Laylatul Qadr, The Night of Power. We distance ourselves from the world, and weed out any distraction from the remembrance and worship of Allah. Many of us practice i’tikaf, also. While striving in the way of Allah, the last thing you want is to miss an opportunity to give on Laylatul Qadr. 


Laylatul Qadr is a night that’s worth 1000 months, so we’re here to make sure you catch it, guaranteed. To help you stay focused and to maximize the benefit of the last ten nights of Ramadan, Human Concern International is offering automated giving. 


Follow the process outlined, and we make sure your donation is processed automatically so you can focus on ibadat, and also benefit from your nightly donations. 


May your ten nights be blessed!

Step 1.

Choose your daily amount & select your preferred “Cause” via the dropdowns below, then click “Subscribe”

Step 2.

Click “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” as a guest OR Login to PayPal to continue.

Step 3.

Fill out your payment information & click “Agree and Subscribe”.

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Disclaimer: Your first payment will take place immediately when you subscribe, and daily afterward at the same time of the original transaction.


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