Libya Cries for Help

Northeastern Libya faces an unprecedented catastrophe due to Storm Daniel, which caused severe flooding and dam collapses in Derna, leaving communities devastated. The disaster has rendered hospitals inoperative and morgues full, while severed communication lines hinder rescue and relief efforts. The already fragile infrastructure, strained by political turmoil, is struggling to cope with the calamity.

The Infrastructure Challenge

The country’s infrastructure, already strained by years of political unrest, was caught off-guard by this calamity. Roads, bridges, and essential services have been severely impacted, making rescue operations and aid delivery a daunting task. Despite the commendable efforts of thousands of military personnel and the influx of international aid, vast regions, especially the hardest-hit areas, remain untouched. The sheer magnitude of this disaster is such that every moment, every donation counts.


The journey towards healing and rebuilding in the aftermath of such devastation is undeniably long and filled with numerous obstacles. Libya’s landscape and its people bear the scars of recent events, making the road to recovery even more challenging. However, with the unwavering support of individuals like you, we possess the strength and determination to rebuild every brick, restore every home, and rejuvenate the indomitable spirits of the Libyan people. Each contribution, whether grand or modest, has the potential to bring light into the lives of those affected, creating ripples of positive change across communities.

Join HCI in Making a Difference
As we stand on the precipice of change and hope, your support becomes the beacon that guides our efforts. Let’s come together in this crucial hour. Help HCI extend its reach, ensuring that every Libyan affected by this tragedy feels our collective embrace and commitment to their future. Together, we can and will make a lasting impact.

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