Families Are Shaken

An Unimaginable Scene

On the night of the tragedy, a devastating earthquake raged through the heart of Morocco. The 6.8-magnitude tremor so far has claimed over 1,000 lives, leaving a vast number critically wounded and innumerable without homes. Marrakech, a beacon of history and culture, now lies in ruins, its populace grappling with the magnitude of their loss. The call to action has never been more urgent; it’s our collective duty to rally around and extend a helping hand to those in dire straits.


The road to recovery is multifaceted. Beyond immediate essentials such as food, water, and medical supplies, there lies the complex task of emotional healing. Families, torn apart, need not only material support but also the means to rebuild their shattered spirits. Your contributions serve as a bridge to both these worlds – tangible aid and emotional respite.

By rallying behind HCI, you empower us to be at the forefront of this humanitarian mission, offering solace in a time of overwhelming grief.

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