Millions have lost millions

Rebuilding lives in Pakistan,

In August 2022, Pakistan was hit by devastating floods that displaced millions of people and caused widespread destruction to homes, infrastructure, and agricultural land. In response to this crisis, Human Concern International (HCI) launched a relief operation to provide emergency assistance to those affected by the floods. 


HCI’s relief efforts focused on providing food, shelter, water, and medical aid to the flood victims. Our staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to distribute relief packages containing essential items such as rice, flour, cooking oil, lentils, sugar, tea bags, blankets, and hygiene kits. We also set up temporary shelters for families whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the floods. 


One of the biggest challenges faced during our relief work in Pakistan was ensuring access to safe drinking water. The floods had contaminated many water sources with pollutants and bacteria that can cause illnesses such as cholera and dysentery. To address this issue, HCI installed water filtration systems in several communities to provide clean drinking water for thousands of people. 


In addition to providing immediate relief assistance, HCI implemented long-term recovery projects to rebuild homes and livelihoods. We provided financial support for farmers whose crops were destroyed by the floods and helped them purchase new seeds and tools for planting new crops. We also launched vocational training programs for women who lost jobs due to flood-related disruptions in local markets.



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“Charity does not decrease wealth.”

Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)