Questions about HCI’s Emergency Response in Gaza

Questions about HCI’s Emergency Response in Gaza

Human Concern International (HCI) has been operating in Gaza since 2000. We have operations across different sectors, including monthly food aid, emergency response, WASH, health, and education. We work with reputable partners that have the capacity and ability to provide timely aid. We understand that there are questions around delivering aid in these extreme challenging times. The blockades and lack of humanitarian access are crippling the ability of many NGOs to deliver aid. HCI is able to maneuver around these challenges, for the time being, by working with partners that have access to funds and supplies inside Gaza.

The following FAQ should help answer some concerns that you may have.

1. What is the situation on the ground related to the electricity being cut off? 

  • There are a few NGOs on the ground that have been working to establish alternative systems like solar and communal charging stations.
  • Some households also have gas-powered generators, solar panels, and power banks. While these are not permanent solutions, they are keeping communications alive at the moment.
  • The WHO and health cluster in coordination with the active human rights organizations are advocating for a humanitarian corridor through the EgyptianPalestinian borders to enable the aid to enter Gaza.

2. How is HCI managing the lack of electricity in Gaza?

  • We are not taking our team on the ground for granted. They themselves are affected and are accessing power supplies wherever possible using solar, power banks, and generators. Some of the staff are accessing power at hospitals and other places where generators exist.
  • We have also been working to access more fuel for generators alongside the WHO and health cluster to continue to power hospitals.
  • Our team at the moment is using funds and supplies that are already inside Gaza.

3. How is HCI procuring items under a blockade?

  • We have long-term relationships with our local partners who have warehouses and stocked items as part of the continued relief efforts in Gaza. They are also working with existing suppliers.
  • We are ready to respond with additional supplies when the border crossing in Egypt is restored fully.

4. How is HCI facilitating communication with the team in Gaza?

  • At the moment we are using WhatsApp for communication, which is encrypted, and accessible.
  • Our staff on the ground are updating us constantly.
  • In the unlikely event that our staff have absolutely no ability to charge their devices, and all hospitals and emergency shelters at schools no longer have any fuel to run their generators, this would constitute a catastrophic situation where all aid delivery would come to an end, including that being provided by the UN agency.
  • This is why advocacy is important. Contact your Member of Parliament and let your voice be heard.

5. What kind of shelter is HCI providing in Gaza?

  • Families are sheltering with their family members, within UNRWA schools, and in the masjids.
  • The shelter items that HCI has procured including blankets, pillows, and mattresses will be delivered to the UNRWA schools as the safest shelter currently.

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