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Dive into the spiritual depth of the Holy Quran this Ramadan with our specially curated Quran playlists. Each playlist offers a unique recitation style, accompanied by translations to enhance your understanding and connection to the divine words. Whether you’re looking for a soothing recitation to start your day, or an insightful translation to reflect upon, our collection has something for everyone.

1. Quran with English Translation

  • Views: 4.3M
  • Videos: 114 
  • Features: A comprehensive playlist featuring the Quran recited with English translations. Ideal for English-speaking audiences seeking a deeper understanding of the Quranic verses.
  • Link: Quran with English Translation

2. Quran (Mishary Rashid Alafasy) with English Subtitles

  • Views: 1.01M
  • Videos: 114
  • Features: Renowned reciter Mishary Rashid Alafasy’s beautiful recitation of the Quran, accompanied by English subtitles. Perfect for those who wish to listen to the Quran and follow along with the translations.
  • Link: Quran (Mishary) with English Subtitles

3. Quran Recitation by Ahmed Al-Nufais

  • Views: 31.2K
  • Videos: 114
  • Features: Experience the mesmerizing recitation of the Quran by Ahmed Al-Nufais. This playlist is a spiritual journey through the melodious voice of one of the most heart-touching reciters.
  • Link: Quran (Ahmed Al-Nufais)

4. Comprehensive Quran Recitation Playlist

  • Views: 3K
  • Videos: 86 
  • Features: A diverse collection of Quran recitations, this playlist is designed for those who appreciate variety and wish to experience different recitation styles.
  • Link: Comprehensive Quran Recitation

How to Benefit from Quran Playlists

  • Daily Listening: Incorporate a segment of these playlists into your daily routine to stay connected with the Quran throughout Ramadan.
  • Reflective Study: Use the translations to deepen your understanding of the Quranic teachings and reflect on their application in your life.
  • Community Sharing: Share these playlists with family and friends to spread the beauty of the Quran and encourage a collective spiritual journey.
Enjoy and explore these divine recitations to enrich your Ramadan experience.

Give Back This Ramadan

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