Qurbani Al-Rashid

Fulfill your Qurbani obligation with Al-Rashid Masjid & Human Concern International and uplift the spirit of families and children on the joyous day of Eid Al-Adha.

Last year, you helped deliver meat to 91,698 people across three continents.

Follow the footsteps of the Prophets for as little as $60.

Time is of the Essence

Allah All Mighty says in the Holy Quran: “In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy: therein let them rejoice.” (Yunus 10:58).


This Eid, you have a unique opportunity to invite families from regions in crisis to your celebration, transforming their Eid from ruins to rejoice.


The act of bringing a smile to the faces of our brothers and sisters is worth the weight in mountains.


And all it takes is $60.


Children will experience the joy of picking new outfits, tasting the sweetness of candy, and savouring the tenderness of the meat.

Dhul Hijjah and Eid ul Adha are almost here. Families from Yemen, Syria, and Gaza are knocking at your door. They want to celebrate Eid with you.

Will you answer?

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