Food Aid

Help us win the fight against hunger

Every day, millions of people worldwide live with the reality of hunger. But this growing problem need not persist. With your help, we can fight hunger and provide food security in underserved communities.

Help us make a powerful statement that no one should have to go hungry. Donate today and demonstrate your commitment to a hunger-free world.

Fighting hunger

Two billion people globally experience food insecurity. Food insecurity is when someone does not have physical or economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious needs.

Canadians are not exempt. Over 1.15 million Canadian children fall victim to food insecurity. We don’t have to look far from home to find beneficiaries.

Our work ensured that food was available, accessible, and adequate. In Yemen, we’ve opened two bakeries providing more than 8000 loaves of bread daily to Yemeni families and orphans in need.

By giving to Human Concern International, our donors empower us to work collaboratively with communities facing food insecurity to find equitable and practical solutions to address the shortage while also training locals to be part of the program’s leadership and implementation.

Donate to Human Concern International to help feed families and orphans worldwide in vulnerable and impoverished communities.