Let children be

Happiness is a recipe,

For a child, the ingredients of happiness are simple yet invaluable: playtime, school, friends and family. But poverty and misfortune have poisoned the fountain of youth for millions of children worldwide. 

Millions of children worldwide have had to bear the weight of adult responsibilities far too early – becoming the primary caregivers or breadwinners. To support their families or siblings left in their care, children are rummaging through roadside garbage for a meagre wage. This is no future for any child.

 With your help, the proper education and opportunities become more accessible – allowing them to shape their futures with brighter prospects. Not only that but all the essentials you would expect will be provided – food, shelter and healthcare – giving children back their security and happiness.

Here at HCI, we’re working hard to provide much-needed support for those affected by poverty, violence and exploitation, so these kids can reclaim their childhoods until they’re ready for the responsibilities of adulthood.

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