Warm Their Hearts

Our Mission: Winter Aid Across Five Nations

This year, HCI is focusing its efforts on Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and Afghanistan—regions that have not only felt the chill of winter but also the tremors of earthquakes and the turmoil of conflict. We will also be fighting the cold at home, here in Canada.

With your help, we can ensure that families in these countries receive:

The Struggle for Warmth: Country-Specific Challenges

On September 8, 2023, a devastating earthquake struck the Marrakesh-Safi region of Morocco, leaving countless without shelter against the creeping cold​.

Entering the fourth year of an economic crisis, over 80% of Lebanon’s population now lives in poverty, facing a winter with scarce resources and little hope​.

February 6, 2023, marked a day of tragedy as an earthquake ravaged parts of Syria already scarred by conflict. The need for aid is urgent as winter deepens the despair​.

Conflict has subsided, but Yemen faces a new enemy: famine, exacerbated by inflation and extreme weather. The people’s resilience is waning as the cold sets in​​​.

A series of earthquakes in early October 2023 has compounded the hardships faced by the Afghan people, as they now also contend with the onset of winter​.

In Canada, the winter’s frost doesn’t discriminate, bringing life-threatening cold that claims over a hundred lives annually. This year, HCI extends its compassionate reach within Canadian borders, collaborating with 8 food banks facing unprecedented demand as the cost of living soars to a 30-year high. Together, we’ll fortify food banks and stand with Indigenous communities, ensuring that every individual has access to the essentials to withstand the winter season. Your support here helps safeguard our own community against the relentless cold.

Take a Stand Against the Cold: Your Action Matters

This winter, your warmth can become their shelter. Human Concern International invites you to transform lives in Morocco, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and here at home in Canada. Your contribution means more than just aid; it’s a message of solidarity to those facing the cruellest months with bravery but not enough resources.

Imagine the relief a mother feels as she feeds her children, the gratitude of elders as they wrap themselves in a warm blanket, the comfort of a family no longer facing the biting cold in tattered clothes. This is the change you can create.

As you seek comfort in your warm homes, take a moment to extend the sanctuary of warmth to those who are exposed to the bitter winter with nothing but hope.

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