Keep us Warm this winter!


There are millions of displaced refugees living in camps worldwide. For them, winter is a battlefield, and they’re ill-equipped. They live in tents that struggle to keep out the cold. They don’t have warm winter socks and boots to keep their feet warm. Families have to huddle together for warmth and comfort because they don’t have a heater or a fuel source.


In the winter months, Human Concern International responds to these immediate needs and provides relief to vulnerable communities. Our staff distributes winter clothing, portable heaters, and fuel sources to give women, children, and seniors safe and comfortable living conditions.


Donate today. It’s a matter of survival.

How to help:



Provide a family with necessary food items for an entire month



Provide 3 families with necessary food items for an entire month



Provide a family with a winter relief kit including warm clothes, blankets, & heating fuel



Provide a family with access to life-saving medical aid & procedures


2022 Winter Relief Stats

  • 6600beneficiaries provided with winter relief packages to battle the harsh winter weather
  • 4250beneficiaries provided with food baskets for the winter to maintain proper nutrition and prevent hunger during the harsh winter months
  • 50wood stoves delivered to camps in need providing a source of heat and warmth for families in their poorly insulated tents

Keep Us Warm - Winter Survival

In The Field

Human Concern International’s staff, volunteers, and partners actively take photos of their time and their work in the field with our beneficiaries as they receive food baskets, medical care, warm meals, and more. To see the latest photos from the field, follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

In The Field


Staying warm in the winter is one of those things that we take for granted. We have heated homes, warm beds, and layers of clothing. There are others in the world who don’t experience these luxuries. We’re here to help them.

Mahmuda Khan

Executive Director

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