Your obligation is our obligation

At HCI, we take great care to ensure that zakat reaches those most in need, whether they are vulnerable individuals or entire communities affected by poverty or disaster. Our field teams work closely with local partners and community-based organizations to conduct needs assessments and identify recipients of the zakat funds. This way, we maximize the impact of each contribution, ensuring that it goes directly into the hands of those who require it most.

How you can help

Zakat for the Hungry

Your Zakat will provide food to needy families, orphans, and widows.

Zakat for the Thirsty

Your Zakat will provide clean water access to thousands of people.

Zakat for Orphans

Your Zakat will provide orphans with the support they need.

The third pillar of Islam,

Zakat is the third pillar of Islam, and is obligatory upon every Muslim who is mature, sane, free and has accumulated the minimum required amount of wealth (nisab). By giving part of their wealth as Zakat, Muslims perform a religious duty, cleanse their possessions, and contribute to the overall health of society by uplifting those in need of economic support and relief. 


Zakat has tremendous social and economic benefit for society. Among the many benefits are social security and redistribution of wealth. Those who receive Zakat can use the funds to pay down their debts, send their children to school, and provide food and shelter for their families. 


Zakat is payable only once a year, and most Muslims choose Ramadan as the month to pay their annual share because charity is encouraged, reward, and filled with blessings during that time. 

Calculate your Zakat payment here and fulfill the Prophetic tradition by contributing to the overall health and well being of society and its less fortunate members.

Zakat Calculator

Calculate your Zakat owing and measure its impact.

Zakat Al-Fitr

Meet your fitrana obligation before Eid prayers.

Sadaqah Jariyah

Gift or earn a continuous reward.

Fidya Kaffarah

Patch up missed obligations with a small donation.