When is Ramadan 2024?

When is Ramadan 2024? Find out when Ramadan starts this year alongside other key dates during this spiritual season.

CSP Success Story

Read about how Ibrahim overcame adversity and found a way out of poverty with Human Concern International.

Your Guide to Al-Aqsa

Explore the spiritual significance of Masjid Al-Aqsa, the third holiest site in Islam, through Hadith, Duas for Palestine, and historical insights.

Questions about HCI’s Emergency Response in Gaza

Gain insights into HCI’s unwavering commitment to providing essential aid in Gaza amidst the conflict. Read about our strategic operations, partnerships, and adaptive solutions to challenges like blockades and power shortages, ensuring continuous support.

Sadaqah Jariyah: Build Your Legacy

Explore the enduring impact of Sadaqah Jariyah in our latest blog post. Learn how this form of charitable giving not only provides immediate relief but also offers long-term, sustainable support to beneficiaries, continuing to earn blessings for the donor even after their lifetime.